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Short film: RIPOSTE

​​​​​​Riposte is a short film about bullying. 

This problem is actual for Ukraine, which ranks fourth in Europe for the level of aggression of adolescents.

The name of the film “Riposte” means an offensive action with an intent of hitting one's opponent, made by the fencer who has just parried an attack. 

Don’t be indifferent. 

Scenario: Roman Boichuk & Max Balter 

Producer: Max Balter 
Director: Max Balter 
DOP: Vadim Smarchenko 

Sound tech: Fima Baitler 
Casting: Max Balter 
Actors assistant: Fima Baitler 
VFX Supervisor : Roman Boichuk 

Edit: Sergey Shurupa 
Modeling: Roman Boichuk 
Texturing: Roman Boichuk 
Compositing: Roman Boichuk & Anatoliy Samoilenko 
Lightning: Roman Boichuk 
VFX: Anatoliy Samoilenko & Roman Boichuk 
Tracking: Roman Boichuk & Anatoliy Samoilenko 
Color Correction: Valentin Vernigor 
Music: Zakhar Dziubenko & Oleksandr Hlushchenko 
SFX: Oleksandr Hlushchenko 
Backstage: Anatoliy Samoilenko & Max Balter & Roman Boichuk & Dmytro Kyrylovets 

Roman Kyrylov 
Fima Baitler 
Yrii Yrkevick 
Anatoliy Samoilenko 
Pigeon Bird 

Special thanks: Anna Stepanova 


Max Balter :

Thanks for the appreciation! 
Short film: RIPOSTE

Short film: RIPOSTE