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    Travelling Yogis
The design brief for Travelling Yogis basically had three layers:
a.  “You would be in a group that would travel to a place with good energy and learn yoga”
b. “More than anything, the focus would first be the body. The week-long camp would end with an adventure sport activity like white water rafting”.
c. “You would discover a place with ‘stranger friends’ as you cannot get your spouse or lover. This was being done to keep the mind absolutely unencumbered”.
Since the client wanted to say many things through the identity, it became clear to the team that it had to be an amalgamation of all thoughts of the client, wrapped in a design that would not get lost in the swamp of clichés. After considering the associations that one makes when one considers yoga, travel and rejuvenation, the team simplified them into shapes that could tell the story without looking tacky.
This effort was then translated into a wheel that packed the client’s thoughts in the simplest manner possible. It is a yoga pose, a plane, a chakra (the imaginary points in the body that controls various bodily and emotional functions and a wheel).