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Korki – Private Lessons
Finding a good teacher nearby is quite a challenge, but with this app it should get waaay easier.
Back in the late 2016, I have started working on the prototype of Korki – an app, that would help connect teachers with students who are in need of extra lessons. Students set up their profile, explain what they are looking for and wait for the offers or – the other way around.
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The team behind Korki came to me with an idea for an app, my task was to gather it all together and create a product. I have started with a scheme presenting my vision for the app’s flow.
With user’s journey map ready, I have started working on a set of wireframes. To divide the student’s and teacher’s mode, I used two different, dominant colors.
Having the whole flow ready, using InVision I have prepared 
a clickable prototype – it helped the team to confront their idea with the potential, real product. They could see how it would work and test it with the target group.
The app evolved a lot starting from this point, but thanks to all that, the final product was really thought through and ready to fullfill all of the users expectations.

the app
Based on the final wireframes, I have prepared UI Designs for both Android and iOS. They are a great combination of custom elements with the native ones that made the whole app easier to implement. The final result was really appreciated by the users.

landing page
Even though Korki is a mobile first platform, it needed a proper landing page to promote the app.

The team behind Korki, at the very end of our cooperation asked me to do one more thing – design their logo.

I delivered four logo ideas:

The team really liked the concept of an owl since it is pretty popular within school environment. We decided to work on that. With a couple tweaks here and there, I got to the final result:

Hey, thanks for watching! 🙌🏻
Looking for a design and development team? 
Let me help –
Check out the case study on our website –

The app is available on AppStore and Google Play.
Korki – Private Lessons

Korki – Private Lessons

An app for teachers and students that are looking for some extra classes from problematic school subjects.


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