#2018 Tmall Basketball 3X3 City Tournament#, jointly produced by Tmall and Jay Chou JYB Alliance, PCGBros Sports Platform, together with Tmall Vigor Camp, adidas, YYsports, Variety show "Dunk of China" ,launched the 14-city basketball competition in China.
Our team made a three-part design: “Slogan KV, Chinese 14-city dialect font and city logo”, which is mainly used in posters and competition venues; for this purpose, our team also combined the keyword “speed, competition, blood” design. A set of Chinese characters library.
The logo design of 14 Chinese cities begins with the two parts of “culture” and “architecture”. The application scene is on the streets of local cities. While ensuring the identification, it also achieves the cultural identity of the local people.

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Client: Tmall
Typeface & Logo Design:  @行行珂  @瓦社
Creative Advertising Agency : WMY beijing
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