I recently finished a little parody poster project: Pimp2-D2's Big Score! The following is some of my process.
I started this project with a thumbnail. I had originally planned for this to be a vertically oriented poster but changed my mind once I dropped the finished illustration into layout.
Since I was my own art director on this one, I approved the thumbnail and dove right in to the painting. Here are some progress shots.
I do almost all of my paintings in acrylic on gessoed illustration board.
For this piece, since it was pretty technical, I worked in sections instead of building up the entire painting at the same time.
Pimp2-D2 was definitely the most difficult element of the painting.
Once he was done it was pretty easy to knock out the background elements.
Here's the scanned and cleaned up final art.
I wanted to give the poster a bit of that '70's blaxploitation feel. I took a few cues from the awesome Superfly poster. I added an element like the small feature of Curtis Mayfield as the composer but with Figrin D'an as the subject instead. I did a small 4"x6" painting of the cantina musician in bluish-black and layered a purple multiply layer over it in the final design to give it that toned feel.
For the titling I used House Industries Photo-Lettering site. The font is House Gothic. I was originally thinking of using the original Superfly color scheme, but decided a warmer color palette would compliment the illustration better.
It was a fun project and I was pretty pleased with the final result. Hopefully you like it too!