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    Three years ago, Stanton Elementary was the 2nd worst performing school in the District of Columbia. To remedy the problem, a very large majority… Read More
    Three years ago, Stanton Elementary was the 2nd worst performing school in the District of Columbia. To remedy the problem, a very large majority of the staff was fired and replaced with new enthusiastic teachers who have worked to get the students up to grade level and turn the school around. It has been thus deemed a “Turn Around School” and has been a testing ground for the DC Scholars program, a program that is running in both DC and Philadelphia. During my time at the school, I have found that the teachers are committed and invested in their students and that the students are bright and have a great deal of potential. It is not only the school that is changing, it is the surrounding community. Read Less
Students wait in the hallways during a class break.
Field lights shine in the evening at Stanton Elementary as many of the teachers go home. Most teachers at Stanton work 12 hours a day or more on Mondays through Fridays and even sometimes on Saturdays.
A young boy walks to the entrance of Stanton Elementary for class on a very cold January morning.
Students play with a parachute during gym class. Their laughter fills the gymnasium as their teacher educates them on the importance of teamwork.
Fourth grade students take a reading test.
Students go over homework together in math class.
A young fifth grader takes a math test.
A fifth grade math class is reflected in the window look out into the hallway of Stanton Elementary.
Students wait to go outside for recess.
Students practice a dance that emphasizes the importance of learning at an end of the year celebration.
A student rest and laugh during gym.
Students wait in the hallway to go back to class.
A young student lays his head on a desk and procrastinates reading his book during personal reading time.
Student homework sits on a teachers desk.
Stanton Elementary sits on a hill in the Anacostia neighborhood in Washington DC and looks out over the poorest part of the District.
A teacher walks a student to his apartment in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and talks with his parent about the students' academic progress.
A teaching assistant disciplines a student who she believes is being disruptive in the lunchroom.
A student comforts her fellow classmate as they both sit in detention.
A student fiddles with her rosary during class. Religion is very important to many of the people in the Anacostia neighborhood and you can frequently see crosses around the necks of student in Stanton Elementary.
A teacher looks out onto her class as they read as a group from a book.
A student raises her hand during math class to answer a question.
Three students sit together and solve a reading game on Stanton Elementary's computers during 'centers' time, a period when student go on their own to different areas of the classroom to complete lessons.
A student sits at her desk and works on homework during class time.
Kids slide down and jump off the slide.
A kid is hurt while playing basketball during recess.
The basketball hoop on Stanton Elementary's playground is still in need of repair and reminds the teacher how far they still have to go to make Stanton Legendary, as well as a reminder about where Stanton came from.
Two students play wrestle on Stanton Elementary's playground during recess.
In front of a school mural, Stanton Elementary's students line up to go to school in the morning.