This is an unofficial rebranding project for U.S. Job Force—a local staffing and recruiting firm that train, hire, and help clients develop individual skill sets. Currently, U.S. Job Force does not have a logo to represent their firm and I decided to create a mock up brand identity based on my perception of the modern day workforce. 
My mission brief for this brand—An icon that establishes & represents certified individuals from U.S. Job Force recruitment.
It takes a collective group of individuals to perform the task of managing various work loads that stem into different areas of specialization. Without one, the rest of the development has an increased risk of delay which ultimately leads to unsatisfactory results. 

Take for an example: a hex nut. These fasteners come in various shapes, arrangements, and sizes. The purpose for these pieces of hardware is intended to stack and fasten various parts to make a whole. Without one part being there, there is a high risk of the entire product failing or falling apart. 
By combining the metaphoric shape & purpose of the fastener a long with an awareness ribbon; a hybrid version of the brand is created. 
Grid display of icon
Grid display of combination mark 
Appropriate color combinatons