This project was for the independent film drugstore cowboy directed by Gus Van Sant, it is a movie poster abstractly representing the film. I chose the chocking imagery because there is a certain level of ambiguity as to whose arm it is represented in the poster, reflective of how the main character in the film(played by Matt Dillon) goes through a transitional period in which he cleans up through a methadone clinic, while his counterparts continue to use illegal drugs. The pallette is derived through the gloomy atmosphere and climate of the northern west coast of the United States.  It is also reflective of the drug most commonly referenced in the movie called 'blues'.  I also tried to incorporate a haziness within the poster, representing how one's life is through the continued use of drugs. It is illustrative of the haziness that exists in the existence of a drug addict.  The typeface and treatment is referencing the logo type and form used in drugstore logotype and signage.