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    A Guide that describes how you can get free disposable phone numbers to receive text messages online
Think of when you were asked for your phone number on a site or by a person who wasn't reliable, but you had to give it because that was the only way to have the OTP or subscribe to some service. 

You may have seen shady smugglers in movies, as they're done with the conversation, dumping their mobile phone from the dustbin, never to be used again. Such telephones, inducing its user to be hard to monitor and thus elude the law enforcers, came to be known as burner phones. 
These are merely phone numbers that you can use temporarily. They may be disposed of once the job is finished. The notion of using a decoy amount or a proxy, though sounding deceptive and criminal on the exterior, can be a useful tool to diminish vulnerability. Being mindful of the fact that ordinary folks, like us, can make use of such concepts too through disposable telephone numbers may make some of your matters simpler. 

Many websites, such as Burner, lawfully offer such phone numbers at low costs which everyone can maintain. Mind the term'legally,' because the numbers are vulnerable to the scrutiny of the law and you might get caught if you try to do something nasty.