Elf Productions is a content development company in Burlington, VT, consisting of a B2B creative agency and a creative branch for story development.
During this summer I realized the new responsive site for Elf Productions, the "web house" of the agency in which the user can register, discover and purchase products.
The site consists of 70 pages and is fully responsive (adapts to any type of device).
Responsive design is a very important issue for Elf Productions. For this reason we decided to develop a tool that would allow the users to view their site on a virtual device.
The "elf story" page is one of my favourites, with a full width design and with expressive images created by the Elfproductions design team.
In order to sell Elf Productions products, I was commissioned to create a store with Paypal, where the user could buy T-shirts, posters and fonts.
The user can register on the site to access special content and download elfproductions' PDFs.
Special thanks to Jan Manon - Elf Productions' Creative Director
View the website here:
Angelo Germano