The following is a series I created a little while ago for the 36 Days of Type project.

It was a lot of fun and super challenging to undertake  making something for 36 days in a row by exploring all  manner of creative directions for each letter or number of our alphabet. Oh, and not one to shy away from making things more challenging, I decided to do all the editing on my android phone!  

Most of the images either were sourced from Unsplash or I received permission from the photographer and/or credited them appropriately at time of submission.

The full collection can be found on my instagram account.

The 36 Days of Type project invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists to express their own creative perspective on letters and numbers of the alphabet. A project that aims to be a space for creation around typography and its endless graphic possibilities. 

* Scroll down to the bottom for photo/image credits​​​​​.​​​​​​​

A. Original image sourced from @unsplash.
B. Used an image by the very talented @alliemtaylor - please be sure to check out her profile. 
C. Used an image sourced from @unsplash.
D. Original image sourced from @unsplashand one of @campovisual's #cv_shapes .​​​​​​​
E. Image sourced from @unsplash for the backdrop and a modded cube originally from #atelier8000 and blended it into the scene and integrating the 'E'. All texture and fx done using #madewithmeld.
F. Original architecture was from @_ingo_1 be sure to check out their profile.
G. Original photo by the very talented @dipsauce. Be sure to check out his inspiration work.
H. Original photo by the super talented @gypsea_lust  - be sure to check out the original image plus the rest of the amazing photos!! 
I. The image masked into the 'I' was sourced from @unsplash.
J. Used an image sourced from @unsplash.
K. Both the images of the stars and the mountains were sourced from @unsplash.
L. Original image of building taken by the amazingly talented @marcuscederberg - be sure to check out his profile. Also used a couple of @joecavazos#jovrscloud9 clouds. 
M. I made this M by using a 'v' taken from the LOVE sculpture at Burning Man which was taken by the talented @bastiernst. I blended the M with a stunning sky taken by the amazing photographer @joey.es. I finally added one of @campovisual's #cv_shapes.
N. Original photo by the talented @modern_ist - be sure to check out her profile.
O. Original image from the extremely talented @lielaine - her work amazing! Please be sure to check out her profile, follow her and show some love.
P. Original image sourced from @unsplash.
Q. Original photo by the talented @modern_ist - be sure to check out her profile.
R. ​​​​​​​Original image from @tobishinobi who is an amazing photographer so do be sure to check out his profile.
S. Original photo by the amazingly talented @lielaine. Be sure to check out her profile.
T. Original image sourced from @unsplash. Also used one of @kerry_fin's #kf_overlays.
U. Original image was from @imgalisa(no longer valid) from which I created the super double diamond welded shape. Added some gold foil to the U from a stash i had..
V. Graffiti sourced from @unsplash. Subtle use of @kerry_fin's #kf_overlays as well.
W. Original image by @thebrightesthour an absolutely phenomenal photographer and if you havent checked out his inspirational images yet please do so now!!!. Again, used @kerry_fin's #kf_overlays.
X. Star time lapse image sourced from @unsplash.
Y. An image setup during my coffee routine. Used one of @motiondoom's #mdpatterns. 
Z. Original image by @thomas_welch an amazingly talented photographer/creative director. He does amazing stuff for @highsnobiety which is an awesome account too... so be sure to check out Thomas' work.
0. Hand crafted the '0' and used one of @rcgrph7702's #rc7overlays.
1. The two images blended together were sourced from @unsplash. Tree image by Christian Bruno @ciciancam. Birds from image by Hani Jajeh @hanijajeh.
2. Original image sourced from @unsplash
3. Simply blended Proxima Nova 3 few times.
4. Original photo by @digernes an absolutely amazing photographer that travels the world capturing breathtaking images - please be sure to check out his profile if you haven't already
5. Original image sourced from @unsplash by @nasa. The 5-strokes were created using some brush vectors
6. Original photo by @jacob - a super talented photographer with such an inspirational feed... So be sure to check out his feed!! I modified his image by simply adding the higher arc in order to make the 6. 
7. Original photo of stairs found on @interiordose. ​​​​​​​Used a couple @jordansalmon's #atomic_ffa spheres. 
8. Original photo by the amazing photographer @sashalevin - very inspirational work. 
9. Original photo by @jamiebettsphoto - an amazing photographer so be sure to check out his profile. Used one of @campovisual's #cv_shapes 

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36 Days Of Type


36 Days Of Type

The following is a series I created a little while ago for the 36 Days of Type project. It was a lot of fun and super challenging to undertake — Read More