Holiday every day!

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  • Holiday every day!
  • Challenge:  To create a collective New Year's gift for clients Ural-Press.
  • Idea: Creating a new board game "Celebration every day," uniting noisy company on corporate events and entertainment in a cozy family.
  • Solution: "Holiday every day" - version of the famous board game "Crocodile". Words from the cards to each other participants explained solely by gestures. The objective is to guess a variety of traditional and modern holidays, collected from around the world. In the process, we have collected more than 600 festivals, of which 365 have chosen the best one for each day of the year. Each card includes 1 holiday and 5 associations to it. Total number of cards in the game - 365, one card for every holiday. The total number of associations in the end was 1825.
    21 colorful story with typical characters illustrate the most interesting and important holidays of the year.
    Gift set includes: box, game board pieces, the instructions for the game (which, among other regulations, are descriptions of the most interesting holidays) and playing cards.
  • Created within Brandiziac agency
    creative director: Artem Shutov
    copywriters: Dmitry Ardeev,Olga Obvintseva, Igor Kostrikov
    designer: Sergey Ermakov
    management: Maria Potapova

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