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Plant Doctor 3D App - UI/UX (2015)

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The Project
This project involved designing and developing a 3D Plant Doctor Simulator that contained realistic models and scenarios that allows plant doctors to investigate the symptoms of plant health issues, and make decisions on what are causing the issues.

My Role
For this project I was Lead Designer and Creative Director and part of a small creative team. I played an integral part of the production process from initial ideas through to release working with the team as well as liaising with subject matter experts & plant pathologists. I designed and delivered concepts, wireframes, interactive prototypes and final assets.

The Problem
People in developing countries are much more reliant on growing and selling crops, so getting timely and relevant plant health knowledge is vital. In partnership with national services, the CABI-led Plantwise programme establishes and supports sustainable networks of plant clinics where farmers can find practical plant health advice. Farmers visit the plant clinics with samples of their crops, and plant doctors diagnose the problems and advise on ways to manage them. However plant doctor training must continually improve and data is required so it can be delivered in an efficient way. 

The Solution
The Plant Doctor Simulator which has realistic 3D models and scenarios so that plant doctors and extension workers can learn diagnostic skills. These scenarios include all major pests and diseases of maize, cassava, tomato and cabbage. The data recorded and analysed will help to improve and refine Plantwise training modules, while also measuring plant doctor skills and competencies.The Plant Doctor Simulator helps plant doctors continue plant health learning whenever and wherever they need to. The application was also localised for a number of regions. 

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The following is actual gameplay footage of a someone playing a simple scenario the 3D Plant Doctor Simulator. It shows an example of a player choosing a stage and working through from gathering information, investigating the crop samples (in this case the fruit, leaf, and roots) and finally diagnosing the problem before getting a score.

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Design Meetings in Vietnam 
Design meetings held with a number subject matter experts (Plant Pathologists) whilst we ere on location in Vietnam to get first hand input and feedback on design decisions. Part of the challenge was to reverse engineer the process that the Plant Doctors did in order to create a system that could mimic an  "investigate" and "diagnose" process. 

Visiting Plant Clinics in Vietnam 
We travelled to Vietnam to visit a number of plant clinics to see first hand how the clinics operated and the problems they faced when dealing with the farmers bringing in affected crop samples from around the community. Part of the information gathered from the farmers regarding the past and present crops is part of the process required in investigating the problem and/or cause.

Visiting Farms in Vietnam 
We also visited a number of farms whilst in Vietnam to see how pests, pathogens and nutrient deficiencies and get a better understanding as to the reason for this project. We also took photos of crops, both healthy and affected, so that we could better re-create them in 3D.

3D Model Development Process
As part of the development process we took large number of photos and scans of crop samples, both healthy and affected, so that we could better re-create them in 3D.

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The following is a selection of game screens (which are taken from a fully functional android build) show a cross-section of the user interface. The overall aesthetic is clean and minimal with a future tech influence. The minimal UI allows the other elements such as 3D crop models come to life.

Splash/Intro Screen

Difficulty Select Screen where the player can choose difficulty

Level Select Screen where the player is shown progression information

Scenario Information Screen detailing weather, previous crops and predicted loss.

In-game inspection of realistic 3D model of a root system

In-game inspection of realistic 3D model of a affected leaf with Issue tagged

In-game inspection of realistic 3D model of a chewed lettuce leaf with Interaction with pest found

In-game inspection of realistic 3D model of a affected lettuce leaf with Interaction Menu showing 2 actions

In-game inspection of an affected stem with Interaction Menu showing multiple actions including bacterial stream test and cutting.

In-game example of bacterial stream test in jar (mid animation)

Magnification of problem.

The above screens are part of the diagnostic screen

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Early results of testing in developing countries indicate that the new Plant Doctor Simulator is an effective training tool for plant doctors. It also helps Plantwise to gain an insight into the skillsets of their plant doctors and make improvements to their training programme accordingly.

The above photos are courtesy of CABI / Plantwise

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After the initial research and ideation phases I created wireframes and interactive prototype versions to help sell the concepts and user flows to the shareholders and subject matter experts. 

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This project was developed by CABI / Plantwise - in partnership with Bondi labs. 

Agency: Bondi Labs Bondi Labs
Executive Producer: Jonathan Marshall
Creative Director/Designer: Marty Portier
Producer/Artist: Geoffrey Suttor
Programmer: Sam Clifton
Research/Analytics: Joshua Hall

Company: Plantwise/CABI
Executive Producer: Dr. Ulrich Kuhlmann (Entomologist)
Producer: Michael Thompson

Dr. Wade Jenner (IPM Specialist)
Dr. Washington Otieno (Plant Pathologist)
Dr. Phillip Taylor (Plant Pathologist)
Dr. Robert Reader (Plant Pathologist)
Dr. Stephen Edgington (Nematologist)
Julien Dougoud (Agronomist)

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Plant Doctor 3D App - UI/UX (2015)


Plant Doctor 3D App - UI/UX (2015)

This project involved designing and developing a 3D Plant Doctor Simulator that contained realistic models and scenarios that allows plant doctor Read More