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    Table Calendar for Gerber to 2013
* Calendar 2013
Breast milk filled with mother’s love is the best nutrition for the little one.
Breastfeeding is the best nutrition that a baby can get from mother and nature.
Ripe apple is so juicy, because it absorbed the soft rays of tender sunshine.
Apples for our purees are handpicked. We don’t add starch or sugar in our purees so that we preserve the natural fruit taste just as the nature created it for the baby.
Bright and rich carrot is warmed by the tender sun and is full of vitamins.
Natural first weaning is the basis for baby’s health. Carrots for Gerber pure are grown in the most favorable regions with soft climate.
Ripe fruits and careful hands are what needed to make tasty and healthy juice.
Our sealed Gerber jars preserve healthy and nutritional elements without using food additives or sugar.
Fruits and vegetables separately taste good, but combine them together and it will be delicious.
Our farmers carefully select fruits and vegetables; they know the history of every tree and every field.
Soft cream cheese, fruits and fresh cream make this tasty dessert so healthy.
Milky Gerber desserts have a tender taste and have two reasons to be so good – milk and fruits.
Meat puree will give your little one the energy he needs for his first steps and discoveries.
Tender monocomponent meat Gerber purees are made without adding salt and spices.
Meat bits and juicy vegetables are cooked for the little ones to a recipe that mothers inspired us to.
Meat and vegetables purees contain vegetable oils which are one of the most important resources of fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are essential for the right development of brain and vision.
From fresh cream and sweet fruits we make a dessert that is as tender as a mother’s kiss.
Milk and fruit puree Baby Cup contains a quarter of daily amount of Calcium, Magnesium and Zink for baby’s strong bones and teeth.
Tender meat and vegetables will give energy to little one for new discoveries.
We know the story of every jar, that’s why your baby gets the best nutrition possible.
The little explorer needs a lot of strength and energy to discover this world every day.
Baby’s diet should be perfectly balanced. That’s why Gerber DoReMi considers all body requirements of the little one.
Every jar of Gerber puree is filled with our attention and care.
We use only the best ingredients, conducting more than 120 check-ups. With Gerber baby food your baby will get everything it needs to grow healthy and happy.
Creative Director: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov
Art Director: Anna Kau-ten-chzhi
Copywriter: Ksenia Dengina, Olga Rysina
Illustrator: Tanya Orlova