Perfection Fresh
Explore The World Of Taste

Since 1978, Perfection Fresh have travelled the world searching for extraordinary produce. Blueberries that burst. Strawberries that sing. Mangoes so sweet everything else tastes sour in comparison. And when they find the absolute best, they bring it home to Australia. To grow, eat, share and enjoy.

But while Australians have been eating their produce for over 40 years, Perfection had always been a purely B2B brand. Their incredible story of adventure, dedication and passion for fresh produce was left untold. And at a time when one-quarter of Australian children and nearly two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese, it’s a story we needed to hear.

The new identity invites Australians to ‘explore the world of taste’. Reminiscent of the post cards travellers write home, it’s a simple system that seamlessly blends practical nutritional and provenance information with emotional language and imagery.

Every piece and punnet tells its story. Beautiful illustrations display the lush and varied landscapes from which the produce was sourced and grown, while evocative tasting notes highlight unique flavours in a way not unlike a wine connoisseur would. And by approaching things in such a romantic and, dare we say, fresh way, we can encourage Australians to reconsider just how exciting, exotic and down-right delicious fruit and veg can really be.
Illustrations: Max Thompson & Glenn Thomas 
Explore The World Of Taste