Sketchbook 2017
To advance my skills I've drawn 100 Sketches 
with the following traditional art tools:

- Moleskine Sketchbooks
- Color Eno Pencils
- Ink Pens
- Gansai Tambi Golden Watercolours
- Watercolours
- Faber Castell Polychromos
- Washi Tape

Sometimes I only doodled something that was on my mind, other times I used a reference of someone I found fascinating to draw. Sometimes I surprised myself with the outcome and overall I slowly refined my skills and came out of my comfort zone.

I've posted every illustration on my Instagram.
Reference right: unknown
Reference left: unknown
Reference left: unknown / right: Damaris Goddrie
Reference left: unknown / right: Meron Mamo
Reference left: unknown
Reference left: Wendy Nguyen / right: Sunny by Brock Elbank
Reference left: Sophie Scholl / right: zezn
Reference left: Olivia Thirlby / right: Miriam from
Reference right: Sasha Kichigina
Reference left: Aiyana A. Lewis by Zavier De'Angelo
Reference right: Model from the Gosha Tubchinskiy Spring 2016 Menswear Collection
Reference right: by Miguel Zaragozá
Reference left: Ondria Hardin
Reference left: unknown / right: Courtney by
Reference right: Hokusai's Great Wave
Reference right: Park Ji Won
Reference right: Ava de Lacy by Marc Hayden
Reference left: by Martin Ryz
Reference left: Naressa Valdez
Reference left: Lauren de Graaf
Reference right: Tessa Thompson
Reference left: Chris Hemsworth / right: Charlie Weiss
Reference left: Julien Favreau / right: Angela Bermúdez
Reference left: Liam Samuels / right: Ji Eun
Reference left: by Karl Sigwald / right: Golshifteh Farahani
Reference left: Tashi Rodriguez by Brian Terada / right: Koruko43 on Twitter
Reference left: Chris Hemsworth
Sketchbook 2017