Santa Mamma → Identity

Santa Mamma is an innovative food company based in Berlin producing Italian street food experiences all around Germany. For them, we designed a cheerful and lively brand identity that plays with stereotypes about Italy. Santa Mamma mostly speaks through the use of illustration and handwritten-like typography, both characterized by a naive style and childish colors. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


We designed the packaging for their main product, handmade gnocchi, 
describing a magic and mysterious process beyond their making. We imagined a fantastic production line, from the boiled potatoes to the actual cooking and dressing of the gnocchi. All around the assembly line, ingredients are falling and flying and handwritten words in mixed languages provide informations about the 


Recently, Santa Mamma opened a Biergarten in Berlin where gourmet burgers were added to the mix. We created appetizing illustration to present the ingredients in a playful way.
Santa Mamma → Identity