Plastic Rain is a serie of non-standard retail spaces. Each zone presents vividly different stories and objects.Visitors can immerse themselves the installation aesthetic in dramatic totality. Spaces that offers time for meditation. A gentle inside/out travel.
When you enter this room, you will have to leave your shoes in a box. You will feel the long hair carpet touching your feet and you will see opaque glass spheres colliding with each other softly by the wind generating an endless glittering sound. To cross the room you will have to go down the stairs and discover that it is not water and that you can walk over to get to the next room.
I can spend hours here. A soft breeze, that made the curtains sway, caressed me.
Hortensia Chair
Glicee Prints
Beautiful Process

Creative direction by Andrés Reisinger
Art direction and 3D set design by Andrés Reisinger