Get Some Head Space

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  • Awareness on meditation practice for stress management has not been brought to the frontline in healthcare as an all-inclusive non-pharmaceutical therapy. In an effort to encourage patients to be smarter, do their homework, and find doctors who will be a partner to improve patient overall wellbeing, United Kingdoms foundation, Headspace, is being introduced in the United States.
  • To create a presence in America, Head Space will have their headquarters offices located in Austin, Texas.
  • The HQ environment is designed head to toe with quirky lighthearted graphics, bright colors, and powerful motivating messages. 
  • A monthly publication is planned to drop for readers, titled "Get Some Monthly" where writers and contibuters at the Headspace Foundation donate their thoughts, findings, and other useful tidbits for practioners of Head Space. 
  • Branded Collateral and Merchandise was created to be sold during conventions, at the headquarters, and at supporting events to spread the message with Swag suitable for any auidence.