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    interior design house in amsterdam, netherlands
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his residenceat the Singel, Amsterdam (NL) exists from one open space where severalfunctions have been put into freestanding objects. The kitchen and wardrobe areplaced near the entrance and combined into one single volume.
The bath- andbedroom is hided into a volume which is placed at back of the house. From theopen living area you look alongside the volume towards the vertical garden andthe entrance stairs to the roof terrace. The view on the green wall holds apromise in itself which will be redeemed once you enter the bed/bathroom. Thesmall measurements of this combined bed and bathroom are in contrast with itsspacioucesness, while containing a private and personal feeling.
The panoramaon the overgrown plantwall and the contrast with the minimalistic whitebed/bathroom provides an intense experience. Integration of nature is animportant aspect of traditional culture in Japan, the homeland of the client. Theintegrated in-house vertical garden is an example of this. Other features wheresimplicity and minimalist details.
The projecthas won the Bathroom design awards 2010.