From Fair Wear to Love Affair | Social Experiments
Exhibition & Signage
"Are you happy here?" 
Answer by turning one of three knobs, corresponding to your level of happiness. 
Not everyone is happy. And that's okay. Because it means we have work to do!
Version 2 (stainless steel)
Take a thread. Wrap it around 5 values. The values with the most connections are also the most important.
A mirrored cabin for reflection and relaxation. Open, close. Think about where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go.
An interactive social graph of worker connections. How many people got the chance to know each other, to collaborate? 
How many people eat alone at work?
After collating the data, we found out that the average staff knows 69 other colleagues out of 175.
Our campaign film, exhibited at Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018 / NEONYT
Happy at work.​​​​​​​
Test driving the software.
Physics came in handy.
The headache machine.
Clients: Marian Von Rappard, Rachel Chuang (DAWN)
Designers: Hung Le (Reo), Uyen Dong, Thao Tran
Creative Director, Copywriter, Director: Tuan Le
Cinematographer, Sound Design: Mike Pham
Motion Graphics: Phong Chac, Hillary Vu
Account Manager: Phuong Anh Nguyen
Producer: Khuong Thao, Tam Pham
Photographer: Thuy Truc (Ketchuc)
Editor: John Jack Mandish
Online Colorist: Khoa Vo
Focus Puller: Sa Focus
Film Crew: Hanoi Lens
Gaffer: Tinh Truong
Developer: Digitop
Fabrication: 2Res

From Fair Wear to Love Affair | Social Experiments