Ergonomic Workstation Design for Industrial Designers
During my time at IID Bangalore, I had taken product ergonomics classes, I learnt about various human factors taken into considering while designing products products. As a final project, I have designed a workstation for Industrial designers .

Along side with this certification, I have also done user experience  course from IDF to design user centric products. 

 Topics covered During the course 
UX Certification 
Ergonomic Workstation Design For Industrial Designers
Designers use multiple tools and devices in their workflow, which includes product sketching/digital sketching  CAD modelling/rendering and 3D printing.The goal of the project is to design an ergonomic table for the designers to work effectively and reduce the  musculoskeletal disorders, ,by considering  anthropometry, reach and limitation of of human , visual field and visual obstruction.

Designers spend more hours doing this task, either as a hobby or as a profession, so it is important to to make the workstation ergonomic.

Some of the common task performed by designers on their workstation

3. Digital Rendering 
4.CAD Modeling And Rendering
5.3D Printing  

Based on the observation, here is the concept I have come up

Body Measurement  and human factor to design the Product 
The ensure that the product is fit for the use of the target users fit the product to use, people's capabilities and limitations are taken into account. Some of the factors kept into consideration in the current Designs are

1: Anthropometry. 
2: Reach and Limitation of Human. 
3: Visual Field and Visual obstruction. 
4: Standard human body measurement.

Table Height and the cupboard height Design based on the body Measurement  


The height of the table is set slight more than the knee height, the computer monitor is placed get the sitting eye height, which is one arm distance of the user.
The height of the cupboard is decided from the average standard height of the user, so that the  user can comfortably access anything that is kept in the cupboard  
Average Persons view angle and range

Based on the average persons range of view the monitor, keyboard and mouse is placed, so that any important device is not placed at the blind spot of the user.

Range of reach consideration 
From the above research and body measurement  reference the final dimensions of the table is finalised.  
Ergonomic Workstation Design for Industrial Designers

Ergonomic Workstation Design for Industrial Designers