This was for a design challenge for a job I was pursuing.
The Project:

The goal of this assignment is to map all urban data objects and landmark points of interest (POI - official and unofficial) on a user's journey from home to work. And to understand and extract the data from each object and POI that can potentially improve your journey from home to work.

One task is that if this data doesn't exist, how would one create ways in which the map can be enhanced through others doing a similar journey?

You can interact with a prototype of the app below. If in case you face any issues in doing so, here is a link to the prototype:
Interact with a prototype of the app
Some screenshots
The thought process

Factors that would affect the user's decisions on mode of transport. These factors influenced the design decisions on the project.

Time available for the journey - Consider Traffic and speed
Cost vs comfort
Weather conditions
What are the rush hours?

What would the user prefer to do on the journey?

If user is driving:
Stay alert and focused
Be aware of road blocks, speed limits - factors to consider for a safe journey
Be stress free

If user is a passenger:
Relax, find entertainment
Accomplish tasks

Why add points of interest to a map?

A user has more information and options to make the best decision on his/her course, and will experience more comfort and convenience when all this information is available in one app.

What happens when there is a delay in the estimated journey end time?

How would it affect the users mood?
Can they notify people who might be expecting them? Can the notification be automated?

What happens if there is an accident or emergency?

How grave is the emergency?
Way to alert authorities and friends and relatives.
Nearest hospitals, chemists, gas stations, repair facilities.

Service Blue print



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