Balinese Handwoven Textile
(Indonesian Language Edition)

I made this book as a project of my thesis in Visual Communication Design in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of
Technology. I wanted to give knowledge about Balinese Traditional Handwoven textile to people because it gets extinct from time to time
because of the technology. This book comes in pretty large size (25 x 27 cm) to show and express the elegance and the quality of the textiles.

Balinese traditional handwoven textile is known for its handmade quality, that is because to make a single cloth, it needs skill, patience, and some ritual processes. This is why Balinese textile is quite expensive, and now there are modern Balinese textile which is made in the outside of Bali. The modern one is made with machine, so the price is quite cheaper. This causes another problem which is the original Balinese textile is getting extinct since not many people buy the original ones because of the expensive price.
And now not many people know the story behind every single cloth.

Every single cloth of Balinese traditional textile contains interesting story, most of them are from religious and historical reason
that made the cloth is special. Balinese traditional textile has many different types based on the techniques, the patterns, and the place they are made, which are Tenun Songket, Tenun Endek, Tenun Rangrang, Tenun Geringsing, and many others. In this book explains all the information we need about Balinese traditional handwoven textile, starting from the historical story about Indonesian handwoven textile, the ingredients and the tools to make handwoven textile, and all the types of Balinese handwoven textile, including all the stories behind every single cloth. 

I did my own research for about 4 months, four times travelling from my hometown to Bali (about 400 kilometres), had interviews with the Balinese handwoven makers, sellers, government of Department of Industry and Trade, and also some people that's interested in traditional textile. I took all the photos about Balinese handwoven textile during my visit in Bali, except Geringsing Handwoven since there are not many people weave Geringsing Handwoven and also other textiles that explains about historical story. I had the photos from the book since I had it for reference for my thesis project. I also got help from my junior, Bestari Laksmi (@bestarilaks) to make watercolor drawings about the ingredients of natural dye.

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Table of Contents
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Natural ingredients used to make natural-dyed Balinese Handwoven Textile
The tools used to make handwoven textile
Some of Balinese Handwoven textiles and the explanation of the patterns (Tenun Songket)
Some of Balinese Handwoven textiles and the explanation of the patterns (Tenun Endek)
Some of Balinese Handwoven textiles and the explanation of the patterns (Tenun Rangrang)
Each of the Balinese Handwoven Textile comes with the map to explain the origin
All the literatures and pictures I used, I put in the book
I wish that someone would recognize the importance of protecting country's heritage. I'm still trying to publish this book commercially, but one of the biggest publisher in my country said that there are not many people interested in this "traditional" thing (although they said my book was very interesting to be published!) Unfortunately they asked me to pay half of the publication fees (which I can not afford that!)

If you're interested in publishing this book, I'll gladly to work together with you! It would be nice if many people in this world read this book.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Balinese Handwoven Textile

Balinese Handwoven Textile

Balinese Handwoven Textile Encyclopedia