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    large crochet hanging sculpture
In 2007, just after I graduated from the school of Fine Arts, I tried to merge some traditional weaving and knitting techniques within my sculpture. I was improvising with free form crochet when I put the piece I was working on beside me and realized its great resemblance with a giant nipple. I liked the idea of making tits, huge, invasive, yet soft and cuddly tits. A boob is a clear symbol of feminity, it is sensual and you don't get to see one so often unless you own a pair. Women have strong relations with their tits as it is quite often one of the strongest erotogenous zones. It also alludes to motherhood and prosperity. I think it is a very "in your face" work. It hangs from the ceiling and it takes up a lot of space. It is also soft and inviting to the touch. At the period when I made it I was obsesed with Peter Greenaway and I kept thinking about the notion of an "unknown violent event", a phrase he used a lot at one of his films. Thus I decided to work around this consept too and this led to the choice of colours, textures and placement of this piece. I have presented it to the public in two not very important occasion and I would love to show it again, but I have completely failed to take good photographs of it. I supose you get an idea of its proportions from the above photographs although you must bear in mind that I am a rather small person. Thank you for visiting, check my other projects and if you feel warm inside hit the blue button.