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Carmo Advogados/Corporative Buildings Design


Headquarters of Carmo Advogados, Cuiaba, Brazil
Corporative Buildings Design

márcia miranda + éder bispo - arquitetos
MMEB arquitetos

Building established in the city of Cuiabá, Brazil, with the purpose of housing a law firm and the board of a company.
Because it is an expansion, an attachment, we chose a harmonic integration. We sought a dialogue with the existing building. Our concern was to integrate while providing our work with its own personality. For that, we initially used a horizontal block to simulate continuity to the existing building, and a vertical bar to break this idea, creating a counterpoint to the old building. These two basic shapes are sculpted and modified to form the building and receive natural light.

Deployed on a lot of modest dimensions, with a program of needs that conditioned the use of the whole construction potential of the lot, the building was premised on the concern with the maximum utilization of the space, the use of construction technologies that allowed a greater constructive flexibility, higher energy efficiency and the use of natural lighting and ventilation.
As previously stated, we initially thought of two basic volumes, one horizontal and the other vertical. The horizontal volume integrates with the building next door through its configuration, its height and the coating material (marble slabs with 60 cm x 60 cm), repeating the same characteristics. The second volume, vertical, seeks to break away from horizontality, standing out in the set as a solid mass born to a horizontal volume, using other materials and shapes. On the facade we chose to make a few openings due to strong sunshine in the afternoon, considering that we are in Cuiabá, a city located in central Brazil, of wet tropical climate, where summer temperatures can reach 42 ºC. If on one hand we closed to protect the building, on the other hand we created courtyards, so that the building can receive natural light and ventilation, an efficient and unusual solution today in our city, a forgotten regional tradition that we sought to rescue.

Project elements
Considering the small dimensions of the lot, we opted for a steel structure and external panels of lightweight cement slabs with all walls containing thermal and acoustic insulation. Internally, the walls and ceilings are predominantly of plasterboard.
The building has two courtyards that serve as a source of natural light and ventilation. By adopting the courtyards, we provide our customers a new way of life, take into account that they were previously working in rooms with no natural light or ventilation. We have the assumption that buildings destined for work should be provided with natural light and ventilation, and the headquarters of Carmo embodies this concept.
We developed the interior architecture and decoration projects. The initial idea was to work respecting also the tastes and habits of our customers. There have been several conversations until we got the final product that, despite all the client’s participation, reflects what we initially imagined, a space designed smoothly with custom designs complemented by pieces from established designers.

Distribution of space
Ground floor – occupied by garages, but endowed with conditions that allow other forms of occupation, such as a leisure space and meeting rooms, containing and embedded sound and image system.
First floor – space designed to house the reception area as well as the board of the legal department, also consisting of a kitchen, toilets adapted for people with disabilities and patio.
Second floor – houses the legal department, filing and technical floor of the building and restrooms.
Third floor – houses the senior management of the group of companies, reception, patio (with retractable roof) and restrooms.

Team: márcia miranda + éder bispo - arquitetos (MMEB arquitetos).
Architectural Design
Headquarters of Carmo Advogados, Cuiaba, Brazil
Corporative Buildings Design
Design: 2009
Construction: 2010 – 2011
Situation:  Built
Area: 498, 24 sq.m.
Photographers: Márcio Trevisan / Éder Bispo
Carmo Advogados/Corporative Buildings Design

Carmo Advogados/Corporative Buildings Design

Headquarters of Carmo Advogados, Cuiaba, Brazil Corporative Buildings Design márcia miranda +éder bispo _arquitetos MMEB arquitetos Building es Read More


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