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Polaris – Visual Identity proposal

Visual identity, logotype, art direction
Unused concept
Unused concept for Polaris – mobile application for athletes, that should help local agents and agents to search for new talents, teams and anyone with real potential. 

These are some of the concepts we've proposed to the client, that we presented in three rounds, after which client decided to go with different direction.

Thanks to Karla Gondeková for her help!


Selected proposed solution


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Goal: Create an unique logo and type symbol, that would work both as an icon & branding element for mobile app. 

Meaning of the name: Name of the North Star – the brightest star in Ursa Minor

Tags: stars, hard work, athletic hall, unisex, athletes, lifestyle, training, space, red, blood, sweat, tears, race, championship

Style: simple typeface, lowercase, should work as an app icon


The main logo is created from two distinctive parts – the typeface and star pattern, that can be used for numerous parts of the identity, both digital and print. My goal was to create logotype, that could be modular and used in infinite ways, which I believe this ticks off. The icon also had to work as an app icon, so the simplicity was necessary.

The concept behind it is simple: the star is taken name of the company (Polaris) and represents the three highest positions which any athlete can achieve: gold, silver and bronze medals on the podium.

Here is how it works below:
Animation, that can be used for app loading

The star logo itself can be taken apart and used as an pattern, that can work as a standalone system. Here are some of the examples used with red colour that we selected with the client.


I created few different versions of typoface, both using existing typeface like this one and my own custom type, but in the end decided to settle on classic Eurostile Extended for this concept, which could be later updated with more custom solution.

Used in two widths. 

Available here: 

Open for collaborations.

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Polaris – Visual Identity proposal

Polaris – Visual Identity proposal

Unused concepts for Polars – upcoming mobile app for athletes, coaches and scouts.


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