Drap It is a drag and drop tool to create your own online space.
What makes it outstanding is that the user is free in the decision how to use it and doesn’t have to decide on pre-defined layout. Creating collages, websites, blogs or shops is all possible. You can even collaborate with others on your project.
We were asked to develop a design concept, including a logo and the app’s website.
We based the concept on the aspect of artistic freedom. The idea of a stunt pilot was born quickly, but we needed something more easily to handle: a hot air balloon. With this as our main theme, we wanted to show that you can create your own project with the sky as your canvas.

Based on this concept, we developed a complex visual language, including eyecatching illustrations to visualize main aspects of the app.
Logo – The wordmark is very subtle with respect to the visual world surrounding it. When placed in smaller dimensions, the balloon symbol turns into a simple dot.
Visuals – We decided on an illustrative visual language to give the brand a warm and personal look. There are three main balloons which represent the most important features of Drap It. More illustrations in the same style are already in the pipeline and are soon to be released.
Landing page – Prior to launch, curious adventurers are able to have a look at Drap It’s features and sign up for a beta invite. The illustrations are placed on layers, with parallax scrolling used to add depth to the world.
Graphical elements – We used subtle drop-shadows and grain textures to give the world haptic reminiscent of an old adventure movie. Straight element borders instead of round ones are in place to contrast the innocent illustration style.