Visual Identity of Taiwan Designers' Week 2010
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    The theme of Taiwan Designers' week 2010 is-Care, I Care
Visual Identity of Taiwan Designers' Week 2010  theme of event/ Care, I Care
The introduction of Taiwan Designers Week
In Taiwan, themerging of traditional and contemporary, western and eastern cultures hasnourished many design communities with great diversity. Few years ago, manydesigners found that it is the time to build a platform for exchanging ideasand getting connected to other designers, creative communities and public. Initialedin 2007,Taiwan designers Week (TWDW) has become one of the most remarkable designevents in Taiwan, and also the biggest annual design exhibition organized by non-governmentalsector.
 The mission of TWDW is to establish theplatform and stage for Taiwan designers to show their creativity and presentthe relationship between design and its cultural contexts. In previous TWDW events, more than 500 design works inspiredby different facets of life and culture was presented. In these works, thehandcrafts and materials from the old world are given modern meanings, thechaos of the local culture becomes a clue for re-exploring the texture of living.
The objectiveof TWDW is to improve the cultural, economic and professional climate of designin Taiwan and turn the image of the event to be the both nationally andinternationally. Each year, more than 200 Taiwan designers with diversebackground joined TWDW exhibitions creating original works, includingindustrial designers, graphic designers, interior designers and fashiondesigners. Also, TWDW established partnership and sponsorship with many local businessconcerning for design and culture. From 2007 to 2009, TDWD steadily increasethe quality and content of the event. In 2009,TWDW started to inviteinternational exhibitors from 5 different countries to join to the event.
2010 Taiwan Designers Week
Care,I Care!
Introduction of 2010 Taiwan Designers Week
Designersalways care about life, environment and new trend. The theme of 2010 TaiwanDesigners Week is Care. Continuing with the TWDW core spirit: share andenjoy, 2010 Taiwan Designers Week focus on how designers care aboutdifferent aspects of the world.
Theoriginal of care is to see, to listen, to understand, to implement thewilling of giving support with useful method, and finally to make the worldbetter. In previous few years, the world has suffered many calamities from damagingearthquake, financial crisis to worldwide environmental problems. People aroundthe world have experienced the feeling of sadness, fear and fragile, however, through thedark time, people are also conscious of the brightness that deserves to takecare of. It can be life, culture, humanity, environment, or even designers anddesign industry itself.
In2007,TWDW open the conversation between design and society with the theme ofLets Talk. 2008 TWDW Design & Beyond focus on sustainability ofdesign. In 2009, the theme reveals the main concept of TWDW: Share and Enjoy.In 2010, we choose the word Care to be the main idea of this yearsexhibition, extending the vision of design to wider issues. It is hoped thatthrough design, creativity and innovational-thinking, designers could helppeople to take the new angle to see current problems, and to respond to the changeof the world and find the solution in a more rational and tender way.
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