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R O L L S - R O Y C E​​​​​​​


An established brand from Goodwood, London with more than 100 years of history, Rolls-Royce is the pioneer in luxury motor cars, helmed with the most advanced driving technologies that helps value-add their Ultra-High Net Worth (UNHW) customers.

It is also known for its heritage and pedigree as a luxury house, Rolls-Royce’s modernisation journey through its strong and ever-changing portfolio was a story that remained largely unheard of.

Rolls-Royce is losing its presence on social as compared to its competitors and wants to drive general awareness and conversations across social media platforms in APAC - while generating top-of-mind recall and sales amongst new and younger Ultra-High Net Worth (UNHW) prospects.

Our approach are to create Social-first, mobile-by-design content that showcased Rolls-Royce’s remarkable evolution from a one-car brand to the successful, diversified brand it has become - supported by its exceptional engineering, design and bespoke capabilities.

Client: Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific
Agency: Zeno Group Singapore
Creative lead, Concept, Design, Execution
Year 2017 / 2018

B R A N D​​​​​​​

F E S T I V E S  &  E V E N T S

World Cup 2018
England football fans will definitely know the famous phrase “It’s coming home”,  all the way back in 1966 World Cup till date. This phrase refers to both England’s hopes of bringing home the World Cup trophy and also the spiritual home of football. We created this social initiative just right before the semi-final kickoff to wish the England team all the best!

England. Home of Rolls-Royce and Football.

Chinese New Year 2018
Leveraging on Chinese New Year’s fengshui, we created a content based on individual zodiacs that tie in Rolls-Royce’s car models by lucky colours and auspicious destinations in 2018. The objective of this content is to highlight Rolls-Royce’s colour customisations and motor car offerings.

15th Anniversary in Seoul
This year, Rolls-Royce made its presence in Seoul, Korea for the past 15 years. We created an Instagram story led content to congratulate and celebrate this special occasion with the fans!

R E S U L T S​​​​​​​
Over just 7 months, followership in Asia Pacific increased by 216% to a total of 436K audiences on Facebook and Instagram - achieving a high average engagement rate of 21%.

T H A N K  Y O U  F O R  V I E W I N G

Executive Creative Director: Melanie Clancy

Art Director: Wilson Foong (Creative Lead) & Ze Jian
Copywriter: Dave Tai & Szi Ying
Designer: Wan Wen

House of Rolls-Royce

House of Rolls-Royce