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    MA project about the concept of diversity - viewed in diet.
Veganism ?
MA project
Veganism is the abstinence of use of any animal derived products, especially in diet, but also a philosophy that rejects the use of, at least living, animals in everything. One that follows veganism is called a vegan.
In this project, the change from regular to vegan diet, when there is not a serious reason that makes it obligatory, is considered as a form of tendency to diversity and 5 negative clues of this change are shown. The aim of the project is to inform and question the reader, whether this change is worth it or not.
The concept is a two-color leaflet in newspaper form. The leaflet can be read in two ways. The clues mentioned above are presented through an informative text and are followed by a dialog between two friends, one of whom has recently changed his diet to vegan. The reader can start however he likes. Each clue is presented with
a photo-collage of related pictures which is pierced by a red line showing the intervention of the omnivorous person in the dialog.