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We have seen that a number of supercars in the past and we must admit that manufacturers are really making an effort to best each other. The huge difference between a normal car and a supercar is miles and miles ahead and yet we can only imagine the difference to a hypercar. 
img. source: http://www.extravaganzi.com
Mclaren MP4-12C
Even if the car model name sounds like something that you would name a printer, it is undeniably a promising car. Mclaren is already quite a force to reckon with considering it is so far the only company that managed to hold on to the fastest production model for 12 years with the Mclaren F1. Why should this one model be any different?
img. source: http://www.grancilindrada.com
Pagani Huayra
The name itself suggests speed. Its name means God of wind. What else can you expect from Pagani? We should not be surprised considering how well the Zonda was received years back when it was released. You can still expect the out of this world design from Pagani. The performance numbers that is churned out by this model is true to the Pagani nature.
img. source: http://coolvibe.com
Lamborghini Aventador
This is the model that replaced the Murcielago. This is the first model that is all German. There is a question whether it had lost the old Lamborghini insanity. You have to admit that this has become one of the trademarks of the raging bull mark. You have to admit that this can be a truly cause of concern when it comes to Lamborghini fans. The design is still something that stayed true to the Lamborghini design but some would say that it got too tamed. I guess this is just one of those things that they say that it would have to be a bit worse for it to be better.
img. source: http://www.carhdwalls.com
Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren
Even though this is one of the older cars in the list, you must admit that this is more than deserving to be called a hyper-car. It may not be on the same league as the Mclaren F1 in terms of performance numbers but it has come about to making itself a car that is worth the name. Most of the time we would have this thinking that despite the superior accelerations and speed, it is still a fragile car. Sadly this is actually true to some of the hypercars out there but not for the SLR Mclaren.
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