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This time around we will not really be looking into the performance number. We just want to name a couple of the most beautiful cars that had been made through the years. This time we are not looking at something new or old. We just want to see cars that would look good in a frame hung above our fireplace.
img. source: http://goo.gl/XsBkI.
Jaguar E-Type
Who would say that this car is not one of the most beautiful cars ever made? It had stood the test of time that it actually has a number of tuning companies that came up with road worthy versions of this car. They may be a tad expensive (Lamborghini Gallardo money) but who can put a price driving around in one of the most beautiful car ever built? 
img. source: http://autos.mi9.com
Mercedes Benz 300 SL
It is also called the gull-wing. There are only 3 running in the world (setting aside the kit cars of course). It appeared on the 1981 comedy film starring Burt Reynolds. As if it still needs such publicity, you will find that the car was featured in the race which was eventually stolen by the 2 hot chicks that initially had driven a Lamborghini Countach.
img. source: http://goo.gl/wjZm6
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
Who would argue that this car is actually better off hung on a wall rather than on the road? Despite some issues about Alfa Romeo’s reliability, all car connoisseurs would really drool on what Alfa Romeo had come up with. The painful thing about it is that there are only 500 produced of this bad boy. This is why you might want to consider yourself lucky if you happen to lay your eyes on one. You don’t really have to worry because you can have the time to be ready with your camera. This car’s sound is truly amazing. Some say you will be able to hear it from at least a mile away.
img. source: http://goo.gl/3ILXo
Ferrari 458 Italia
This model replaced the old F430 and if you think Ferrari is going to skimp on the way it looks you are truly mistaken my friend. Even in white you will find that the curves and how low it rides can really give quite an impression. They say that Ferrari styling had gone downhill ever since the Daytona days… this is surely a redemption that Ferrari is hoping for.
img. source: http://goo.gl/mfoUD
Ford GT40
A lot of people may not really agree but so far the Ford GT had managed to capture the elegance of a supercar while maintaining that rugged edge. This is probably why when it was revived in the late 90’s it barely changed from the old design. It was given an all new engine and some gizmos to give the driver a more modern feel but all in all it still gives you that same feeling Henry Ford II’s feeling when he managed such feat of coming up with this car.
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