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    lolo uweng + The miraculous well of lolo uweng. (c) Dj Diosina
SAN PEDRO, Laguna—People may have many different references to God but in the coastal village of Landayan in San Pedro town in Laguna, Christ is called “Lolo Uweng.”
“I would say it is a sign of reverence,” said Sonny Ordoña, a coordinator of the social communications ministry of the Shrine of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre.
Lolo, which has evolved from Lelong, is a Filipino endearment to a grandfather or an elder. On the other hand, Uweng is coined from Emmanuel Salvador del Mundo (Bringer of Salvation), which, according to old church workers, was inscribed in the icon’s original wooden camarin.
To Angelito Quintana, 43, a devotee since 1989, Lolo Uweng is seen as a dear grandfather who grants the prayer wishes of children. Quintana said he survived a kidney operation in 2004 through his continued devotion to Lolo Uweng.
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The miraculous well of Lolo Uweng, a few steps away from the church. Countless individuals who have various ailments claim to have been cured of this ancient well's mysterious water. A few days after my son Momay was born, his eyes suffered from an abnormal secretion of mucous. No amount of medication was able to cure him, until we brought him here. My wife sprinkled Momay's eyes with water from this miraculous well. Almost immediately, his eyes were cured.
Words by: http://filipinoscribbles.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/santuario-de-jesus-en-el-santo-sepulcro-landayan-san-pedro-la-laguna/
(c) photo by: Dj Diosina