The multinational Alpina is the leading brand in the dairy industry in Colombia with operations in USA, Ecuador and Venezuela. Through an investigation process, Alpina succeeded in developing a refrigerated butter without the subsequent hardened process. For the product launch in the domestic market, we had to design a package that had intrinsically the spreading gesture in order to demonstrate and exploit the benefits of the product to the consumer. Inspired by nature's chaotic pattern of cow's spots we got a 0.3 Oz package to be used for sampling in retail, restaurant buffets and premium hotels.
In order to use it, bend the plastic tab to remove the protection foil and create a curvature to spread the butter. Squeeze to get the content out.
Industrial Design: Ricardo Alegria Graphic Design: Diego Rodriguez. Director: Paola Torrenegra.
Leo Burnett Colombiana S.A / ALPINA S.A. All Rights Reserved 2011.