Visit to northern Areas of Pakistan
Went on a trip to the northern hilly areas of Pakistan. Checked out the work Army is doing there for the flood victims. Thumbs up for them... working in such extreme conditions for such a good cause is really tremendous! Especially when the locals dont lend a hand and take your work for granted... 
Travelled along the indus for 2 days batagram-bisham- pattan - dassu - chilas - through babusar paas - naran - balakot - abbotabad! Tiring yet eventful journey, extreme randomness, awesome beauty, chilly winds... it was a perfect trip =D
Spotted a whole family going up to their home. Consider taking this route every day to earn a living... 
Our first stop in Mansehra
The route, a whole circle =D
The guy in yellow made it all happen. He was trying to explain what the trip is about but we were busy taking pictures =P
The greenery was really overwhelming... 
Not visible but people were taking a bath in that water, i wonder if that is their daily routine! 
School kids going back home from school. Camera SHY! :D
Next stop was Bisham, 38kms 
Two much water on the road, had to get out. 
I so wanted to join in! 
This was called "Paharon ka Shehzada" translation "The Prince of Mountains" 
Off to our next stop; Patan!
Over seeing the bridge construction... with around 50 people sitting behind just watching! 
Freezing water!
The d90!
Carried out a controlled explosion to make way for a bridge!
yeah thats me, with the big nose ^_^
Random waterfall... there was one of these at every corner
River Indus.
Patan army post, they gave us iftari incase we dont reach our next and final stop at Chillas. 
Lt Colonel Saleem Akhter Soomro, Commanding Officer 142 Road Maintenance Battalion, drowned along with his beloved daughter while saving her life! 
Should have time lapsed here... beautiful view!
Broke fast here, in the middle of no where! =D
The next morning.
Karakoram mountain range!
Next stop: Babusar
Picturesque moment at every turn... thankGod i took two memory cards ^_^
Notice how there is this lush green land right underneath the dead barren mountains... 
I had to do this! :P
Prayer for a safe journey! ^_^
Terrace crops, mostly of wheat and potatoes
Long long way to go..... 
It started to get chilly as we reached the top of babusar
IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD!! kinda. 13000+ft
Chilliest wind ive ever encountered! 
sigh, no point whining about timelapse now... =(
Set of Lord of the Rings! :D
Nameera, the nikon D90 owner, and our tour guide =)
Our vehicular Transport!
Picture perfect, Architectural Designer! 
Mohsin Afzal! 
I could stare at this view for hours and hours! =D
Picture time! =D
Lalusar Lake... peaceful, colorful, awesomeness! one day ill have a house here... =D
The never ending layers of mountains... 
Eye Candy! =D
Last stop, Abbotabad!
Visit to northern Areas of Pakistan

Visit to northern Areas of Pakistan

Travelled along the indus for 2 days batagram-bisham- pattan - dassu - chilas - through babusar paas - naran - balakot - abbotabad! Tiring yet ev Read more


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