I Am Simon

Directing, Art Direction, Concept Design, Character Design, Layout Design, Drawing

I Am Simon is an animation short film and a master diploma project made in Moholy-Nagy Unisversity of Art and Design, Budapest, 2009. Simon is a dog who spends his whole time with his friends and they have way-out runs together until one of them gets injured. 

"Tünde Molnar's graphic novel recounts the life and death of the dog Simon. Its rich and melancholic images capture a moment of transition in which time seems to come to a standstill. At the same time, they speak of an intense love of life, and of a desire to run faster than death in order to outwit time through speed. While this may end fatally, there is consolation in viewing the continuation of beginnings and ends through the dead dog's eyes. With its poetic imagery and reduced text, "I am Simon" succeeds in conveying the notion of a span of life in admirable brevity. Here is no distinction between joy and sorrow, the two are inseparable. And this is the film's extraordinary achievement: with great skill it succeeds in tapping the full potential of animation in order to turn a dog's life into an utterly and existentially human experience."
by Emergeandsee Media and Art Festival, 2010.


Director: Tünde Molnár
Producer: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Script: Tünde Molnár
Story: based on Dave Eggers’s short novel After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned
Simon: Attila Dolmány
Editor: Judit Czakó
Dramaturge: Rita Domonyi
Music: Dávid Lovas, Oleg Borsos, The Cab You Know
Sound Design: Ádám Jávorka, Zsolt Hammer
Production Manager: Orsolya Sípos
Animation: Andrea Miskédi, Beáta Kiskéry, Ervin B. Nagy, Martynas Juchnevicius, Zoltán Fritz, Zsolt Baumgartner
Design, Compositing, LayoutT, 3D Animation, Camera: Tünde Molnár
Consultants: Rita Domonyi, József Fülöp


2012, Animated Short Award, 5th Balkan Snapshots Festival, The Netherlands
2011, Best Script Award and Speacial Mention by the Hungarian Film Critics, 10th KAFF: Kecskemet Animation Film Festival, 7th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV-Specials, Hungary
2011, Animation Category Award, 42nd Hungarian Film Week, Hungary
2011, Best Student Animation Short Film, 10th Rome Independent Film Festival, Italy
2010, Best Work of the Animation Artist, 9th Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival, Russia
2010, The Jury Mention as an Outstanding Film, 14th Ismailia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films, Egypt
2010, Student Jury Prize, International Film Festival of Fine Arts, Hungary
2010, Main Prize, Attila Dargay Prize, JamesonCineFest: Miskolc International Film Festival, Hungary
2010, 2nd Award, National Audiovisual Institute Award, The Silver Pegasus, 3rd Animator Festival, Poland
2010, Second Place of the two Jury Winners, Emergeandsee, Germany
2010, Best Student: Postgraduate Individual, 3rd Stoke Your Fires Festival, United Kingdom
2010, Best Student Film, 9th AniFest: International Festival of Animated Films, Czech Republic
2010, Best Computer Animated Film, 7th International Student Film Festival Zlin Dog, Czech Republic
2010, Best Animated Short Film, 26th European Film Festival of Lillem, France

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I Am Simon

I Am Simon

I Am Simon is an animation short film and a master diploma project made in Moholy-Nagy Unisversity of Art and Design. Simon is a dog who spends h Read More


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