Gurl World
Digital Design and Illustration
Animation portraying an interactive iPad application for teenage girls 11-15 to learn about sex in a refreshing and edgy manner.
Dainty Dentist
Gloves knit out of dental floss and beads, mimicking dainty, loosely knit gloves.
Bulmer Hair
I scanned individual pieces of hair in order to create a typeface inspired by the font "Bulmer." The poster introduces the font and entices people to "download" it.
Digital scan of beads
Alphabet created out of beads scanned letter by letter.
Hypothetical autobiographical layout in which I express my artistic endeavours including community arts, graphic design, and fibers.
Tikkun Olam
Screen Printed Fabric
Fabric screen printed with a child holding a peace sign and text in Hebrew that means "repair the world." The large pillow is in the shape of Israel, and the smaller pillow is in the shape of chamsa, which is a symbol that represents peace and good luck.