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Rebrand all the components of an existing company
I based my brand on the existing company Yankee Candle. The goal was to make all the branding components work as a whole. I chose to name the company The Olfactory because every product is related to the sense of smell: the olfactory system. The logo is based on of a circle, a triangle, and a rectangle, which are the forms used to represent odors in the olfactory functionality schema. The tamed color palette was chosen to give emphasis to the actual product, which is warm and colorful
I created a brand standards manuel for the Olfactory which would be used by anyone who creates marketing campaigns or something in relation to the company. It lists all the restrictions regarding the Olfactory’s branding as well as an overview of the consumers profile and stakeholder’s information.
For one of my touchpoints, I decided to design the labels that would go on the actual candle. The label features a picture that represents what the scent of the candle is