Based on the philosophy of offering top-class cultural activities in a month when cultural activity in the city is at its lowest, in 2003 the Mas i Mas Group, backed by the brewers San Miguel, set up a music festival which is now a classic of August nights in Barcelona.

Founded as a Barcelona jazz festival, the event has grown throughout its 15-year history and has now lost that label, opening up without limits to all musical styles. Throughout its history, the festival has used the company’s main venues – the Jamboree, the Tarantos and the Moog – to offer big jazz, blues, soul and funk concerts, beautiful flamenco shows and chilled electronic music sessions. It has also expanded its venues, holding concerts in places as iconic for Barcelona as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Victoria Theatre, La Pedrera, the Auditorium, the Plaça Reial, the Palau de la Música or the Grec Theatre, the last two the scenes of concerts by artists like Paco Ibáñez, Andrea Motis, Incognito and Imany during the 2017 festival.

Design — Quim Marin Studio
Art Director — Quim Marin
Contents — Sara Martin
Photo — Carles Palacio