眠月 Forest Unbalance 日治時期阿里山 VR│虛擬實境體驗與歷史探索
眠月 Forest Unbadlance  Virtual Reality (VR)  
#  關於 ABOUT 

「眠月」這個作品,透過 VR 擴增實境的技術,創造出新的歷史體驗,重現日治時期阿里山林木茂盛、風景醉人的真實樣貌,此體驗並非單純的再現歷史現場,而是帶入電影敘事的概念及手法,以非線性式的方式引導使用者穿越不同的歷史場景,透過這些體驗,提供使用者一些不同的歷史觀點,讓使用者在正面與反面的不同論述背景下,感受到歷史現場的氛圍。期盼VR 技術能應用在觀光、教育等市場上,達到寓教於樂的效果。

Forest Unbalance, a project through Virtual Reality (VR) technology, to build historical realistic environmental experience such as reproduce the authentic appearance of the lush forests and intoxicating scenery of the Alishan Mountains (Chiayi ,Taiwan)during the Japanese  colonial period. This experience is not a simple reproduction of the historical scene. It is a concept idea that using the narrative technique of the movie. By using different perspectives to allow the experiencer to experience the gap between the past and present in different historical scenes. We expected that VR technology can be used in tourism, education, and marketing to create and achieve the educational and recreational effects.​​​​​​​

#  體驗預告 Trailer
#  故事呈現方式   Story 
 │ 起  Open │ 
戴上裝置,以舊時電視機開場,觸發光點提示,播放當時影像、照片伴隨語音導覽做互動行為。並同步 kinect 拍照去背,隨畫面結束,燈光打開,視覺將以阿里山博物館(互動學習關)做呈現,隨學習完成,則打開穿梭的位置並且將角色吸入,做轉換角色及場景。
Put on the device, start the TV with the old time, trigger the light point prompt, play the image and photos at the time with the audio guide to do the interactive behavior.At the same time, images are captured through the kinect device.
With the end of the screen, the lights will be opened and the vision will be presented at the Alishan Museum (Interactive Learning).When the interactive teaching is completed, the shuttle location is opened and the experience is brought into the scene to convert roles and scenes.
│ 承  Continuation │ 
From the perspective of the first person of facts, observe the ecological change from Alishan, which is interspersed before and after the event, and the interaction of this part is applied by the bionic effect of waving wings.In addition to the direction operation, the effect of the insect compound eye is made especially on the visual screen, and the realism of the character change is enhanced.
│ 轉  Conversion │ 

On the Ali Mountain, which has been cut down, the tree tower has no scenes. The historic tree tower was a monument to the excessive deforestation of the forest at that time. The legend was built by the nature counterattack, which was quite special for the Japanese who were atheistic at the time. The inside is stated in causality, and its counterattack is embodied in the exaggeration of the strange worms in the rumor.
設定在已遭砍伐的阿里山上,已運送林木的角色體驗,過程起初可以瀏覽阿里山舊時林木茂盛、風景醉人景象,過程中會層次表現樹倒動作,做因果的詮釋。搭配音效、及光點效果做感受的襯托。 (火車行駛圖 及 部落)
On the felled Alishan, the role of the forest has been transported. The process can be used to browse the lush landscapes and the intoxicating scenes of Alishan in the old days. In the process, the trees will perform at the level and make a causal interpretation. With the sound effects, and the effect of light spots to set off. (train travel map and tribe)
│合  End│ 
將影片縮時效果運用至 VR 虛擬實境上,做事件整體以記錄的方式串連。伴隨語音導覽,文字提示做體驗的收尾。

Apply the film's time-lapse effect to the VR , and the events as a whole are connected in a recorded manner. With the audio guide, the text prompts the end of the experience. (End - imitation forest felled to the ground)

#  交互設計  Interactive design
 左上:指使砍樹  Forced to cut trees  /   上中:使用槍之保護自己  Use guns to protect yourself   /   右上:行駛火車  Driving train
左下:穿梭方式  Shuttle mode   /  下中:仿生互動  Imitating biological movement


#  場景設計  Scene design​​​​​​​
 日治時期阿里山 Alishan during the Japanese colonial  /  仿阿里山博物館 Imitation Alishan Museum 
體驗的開始 [電視機畫面]  Experience start screen [the TV]   /  山上的謠言 Rumor
昆蟲視角的阿里山 Alishan in insect views   /  火車行駛 Moving train


#  運用媒材  Mediums use​​​​​​​
#  操作說明  Operating film 
Provide English subtitles  👉 Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjvY2mlDNbI&t=3s

『國立雲林科技大學 - 數位媒體設計 - 畢業專題製作』
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Department of Digital Media Design Graduation project

#  ​​​​​​​團隊分工  Assignments 

專案負責人 Project  Manager   │ 郭秋君 Kuo,Chiu-chun
總策劃 Programming   │ 郭秋君 Kuo,Chiu-chun
美術設計  Artistic Designer   │ 郭秋君 Kuo,Chiu-chun
動態設計 Motion Design   │  郭秋君 Kuo,Chiu-chun
交互設計 Interaction Design   │  郭秋君 Kuo,Chiu-chun /  葉元勳  Ye,yuan-syun  /   陳德宇 Chen,de-yu
程式撰寫 Programmer   │   葉元勳  Ye,yuan-syun  /   陳德宇 Chen,de-yu
模型製作 Model making   │  郭秋君 Kuo,Chiu-chun  /  李勇勝 Rex
顧問  Adviser  │  張登文 老師  Chang ,Teng-Wen  Teacher
特別感謝 Special Thanks   │  陳綠 Chen green   /   陳憶瑞 Cary 

眠月 Forest Unbalance 日治時期阿里山 VR│虛擬實境體驗與歷史探索

眠月 Forest Unbalance 日治時期阿里山 VR│虛擬實境體驗與歷史探索

Forest Unbalance, a project through Virtual Reality (VR) technology, to build historical realistic environmental experiences such as reproduce th Read More


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