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Massage product for old and weak​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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There are people that are physically uncomfortable due to sickness or accidents. Also, elderly people have this problem due to aging. Some of them get massage to relieve hardened joints or fatigue. However, massage is a difficult motion to do on your own. So, usually the weak people rely on others to get a massage. 


There are two major difficulties for the physically uncomfortable people to massage themselves: Reaching the backside of the body and weaker strength. If the part that hurts is in the front side of the body, it does not become a problem. However, it is difficult to massage the back side. Also, since their strength is weaker than ordinary people, it is hard for them to press and rub the body by using finger force or arm force.


Instead of outsourcing the product, it was 100% hand made. This increased understanding of the product. When grinding the wood and making the body, optimal point of sharpness value and fillet value for the form were found.


Oreum is a massage product that can be used hands-free. You can install the product on the wall and self-massage yourself by leaning your body on the wall. Because you use the weight of the body rather than the power of the hand, it gives more power than the hand, thus much easier to massage than using your own hand.

Without hand pressure

Wooden massage parts are not only attached to the wall but are also removable and be used to massage other parts of the body. Because you press your body with the product, the burden on your hands is reduced. The parts come in various sizes and can be massaged using the desired shape.


Oreum is composed of three components: Massage wood, body wood, and iron frame. In the middle of the parts, magnets are inserted. Since the magnets are used, they can be assembled without applying any force. In addition, due to the simplicity of the joining structure, it is also made simple in form.


Since the material hanging on the wall is made of iron, the body wood is combined with the iron frame due to the force of the magnet. You can also move up and down on this iron frame rail. Massage wood and body wood can also be easily attached and be detached with the same principle above. This allows you to select the massage wood you want and swap it at any time.


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massage product for physically weak people
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