Corporate Identity, 809cgi
Corporate identity 809cgi
809cgi is a photography company where people are driven by passion. Passion for visualisation gives them the energy to achieve the ultimate goal over and over again. It stimulates everybody in the team to perform to the max. Therefore they cooperate with the best specialists in the world they can find. Also from them they expect nothing but the best. 809cgi affects every member of the team with this passion. Passion is the motor for success. Total Identity was asked to develop a corporate identity that would reflect the 809cgi company approach.

In photography quality and effect is determined by technical aspects: light, reflection, texturing, and modelling. These aspects and the control that the people of 809cgi perform over them were taken as a basis for the corporate identity.

The concept was called Aspects, to define the analytic approach that 809cgi has. All employees have their specific objectives, there are people specialized in light, in modelling, et cetera. Their role in the process and their passions were expressed by simply connecting their names to the aspects and by describing what they consist of.

All aspects that are used in photography were expressed in appealing texts, describing the typical approach of 809cgi. Images, produced by 809cgi were then combined with these texts, to show the consciousness of control. In all communication, images are used, in a combination with the names of the employees of 809cgi. The results are letterheads with images that state: Light by Johan Visschedijk, or Texturing by Fred Rietveld, in combination with short texts describing the passionate approach of these same people. The attention of the public to the image is triggered because these people are triggered.

The style was consistently developed by Total Identity in all communication instruments, letterheads, editorial design, online media, marketing materials et cetera.

The photography market is quite competitive. At the same time, there are specialists for certain fields of work, such as advertising photography, editing et cetera. 809cgi directs itself at producting and manipulating utterly controlled photography. In the market, the company presents itself by appealing direct marketing actions, that in time build up a portfolio, that can be used by art directors of advertising and design companies.

Client: 809cgi, Utrecht
Project: Corporate identity
Agency: Total Identity, The Hague

Design: Edwin van Praet
Client service manager: Manfred Roosenstein
Advisor: Stijn van Diemen