JUNG-YOON KIM  /  promotion package set
Art book and goods design by an illustrator, Jung-yoon Kim. 
Jung-yoon Kim is a illustrator who draws the sensibility of youth and his main topics are basketball, baseball, school days and romantic relationship. To celebrate the exhibition in 2017, the art book was published with his artworks from 2012 to 2016 as well as calendar and postcard. This art book consists of four chapters: 1-Basketball 2-Daily Life 3-Seventeen 4-Inspiration. All his design was created on the basis of format and layout that shows his drawing well with the most basic, refined typography without unnecessary elements as possible.

book design

calendar design

post card design

DATE 2017
FORMAT graphic design / printed design / promotion design
DESIGN Jae-Wan Yu / Do-Eui LeeJae-Chul Park
ILLUST Jung-Yoon Kim