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    A very smple pattern design project based on the repetition of a bicycle frame.
One day at work I started playing around with some blocks I had previously designed for my Autocad library. I ended up with this pattern project which turned out to be a lot of fun.
At this point I had already decided I was going to drop the wheels. I made my mind up for pattern n° 3 because the intersecting frame parts looked interesting. Then I chose a color palette with a bit of a vintage feel and went on playing around imagining possible applications.
This project is for sale if anyone is interested in one of the suggested commercial applications or others yet.

I have no trouble if you want to use it for non commercial purposes instead. Picture n°5 is tiled so you can just take it and start using it! Contact me to show me what you used this for or else to get some higher resolution images and in different color schemes.

Thank you in advance for comments and suggestions on how to improve my work.