In late 1985 Coca-Cola decided to send it's beloved beverage to boldly go where no drink has never gone before.
But as expected, some adaptations were needed;
Since the CO2 does not behave well when already mixed with the cola Syrup, the sensation of drinking a good can of Coke was not the same in low gravity; So some brilliant engineers endured the task to make a portable soda mixer the size of a normal Coke can. 
Bingo! Fresh Coca Cola, directly to your mouth.
But what if we add something else? 

On This Personal Project i idealised a fictional Coke mixed with mentos to give it more fresh mint sensation since you can't refrigerate it in space and the "efervecence" would not ruin the experience, i hope you enjoy!

The original Idea is from an yet to be published Personal Project called Space Sugar: A secret Space Shuttle Launch in the late 1986 that was propelled by mentos and Coke. and will feature this cans as a promotional release. there's even a set of fake posters, these are 2 from a set of 6.