Cyber Warrior // Neuromask 
A conceptual face accessory that mixes art, technology and fashion. The prototype based on an idea of wearable neurointerfaces that can read brain signals. 
This project is a visual research of using noninvasive neurointerfaces as fashion accessory. 
The Age of the Mixed Reality
Wearable devices already became a common part of our life. Smartphones, gadgets, bionic prosthetic limbs, medical invasive technologies. Most of them are connected to the global internet or local networks and work as a portal to a virtual / digital reality. 
Two technologies: BCI (Brain Computer Interface) and IOT (Internet of Things) will bring humanity to the next level of communication with other people and the world around us. 

It means that physical products including accessories will get their second function in digital reality like magical artifacts in video games. People are going to communicate with digital interfaces in the most native way - with the power of thoughts, familiar gestures and voice control like we're living in both realities at the same time.  

The birth of the Cyber Warrior is the first chapter in my collaboration series with Semmi Djabrail. She is a blogger and a cyber model. In 2017 she has lost her right leg in a car accident. Her strengths and lifestyle inspire thousands of people to live a full life even going through such a painful physical transformation. She became the main reflection of my art and ideas. This project is capturing our first steps on the path of creating an image of a real cyber warrior. New chapters are coming soon.

Noninvasive neurointerface is a device that is capable of reading brain activity signals. These signals can be translated to digital data and used to control different systems, software, robotics etc. 
Every action of your brain is a specific dynamic pattern of brain's activity. AI can be trained to rapidly read these patterns and translate them into commands for a neurointerface. It's like you imagine a move forward and your car moves forward too. 
Physical body has lost it's limits
Our body, brain and consciousness become a design / art object. Technologies bring us opportunities that can help us finally break the limits of our physical shape. We are almost there. We can touch the miracles that were described in fairy tales. Telepathy, telekinesis, mental teleportation are not magical fantasies anymore. 
Telepathy is one of the most expected abilities that BCI technology can bring us. One of the first BCI products was created for paralyzed people with disabilities as an alternative way of communication. 
Telekinesis is one of the sacred dreams of people. Integration of BCI interfaces in the smart environment will give people control of the physical objects with the power of thought. We're able to redesign the world around us and make it possible to interact with physical reality using digital world. 
Teleportation looks like the most impossible technology at that moment. At the same time digital teleportation of a mind can be reached with BCI interfaces for controlling avatars with a real-time feedback. 
To bring these opportunities to live we should develop a smart environment based on IoT and AI around us. At the same time, we should be careful with our research and development, because new abilities bring new dangers for our kind.

Art Direction, Product Design, Digital Art: Nikita Replyanski
Photo: Danil Yaroshuk Style: Alina Artey Model: Semmi Djabrail Make Up: Polina Elagina
Graphic Design: Maria Replyanski
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Neuromask // Cyber Warrior is a design research of futuristic fashion trends based on a real technology. A conceptual face accessory that mixes Read More