天外天 Know 是天津大学 天外天工作室 一次具有浓厚实验色彩的作品。在这一项目中,我参与并主导了文案策划、视觉设计和产品开发工作。

Know is an experimental project launched by TWT Studio, Tianjin University. It serves as a voting website. I was the visual identity designer, web developer and copywriter.

产品于 2017 年上线,并被用于天津大学各个校内活动。

The platform came into service in 2017, and was used by various events held by Tianjin University.
Data Visualization

Know 的一个特点是丰富的可视化信息。在设计软件的过程中,我们使用了柱形图、饼状图、趋势图、根据专业及性别细分的矩形树图、日期热力图等多种信息可视化手段,来从不同角度向投票组织者和参与者呈现尽可能多的信息。

One feature of Know is its rich visual information. In the process of designing and prototyping the platform, we used a variety of information visualization methods such as stacked bar chart, sunburst chart, options trend chart, treemaps based on major and gender, date heat map to inform organizers and voters from different angles.
Responsive Design

多数参与者会在移动设备上投票。我们为 Know 的每一个页面做了布局适配的相关思考。

Most participants would vote on their mobile devices. Hence, every single layout in Know was designed to be responsive.
Know Posters

Besides the main project, a series of posters were also published.

QRCode, the widely-used information transmit method, is typically considered ugly, abrupt, and hard to apply or embed into an artwork.

In such cases, however, you may need to make a compromise on the artwork itself, forcing the styles to fit them.
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