A potential client had requested for us to pitch to them an informational brochure for a housing development plan in Malacca, Malaysia. They were to build a private estate in the heart of Malacca, aimed at Singaporean investors. The theme for the project in its entirety was to return to the beauty of traditional Malay culture (think nature and villages), yet at the same time to introduce sleek modernity in its wake.
Inspired by classic Malay culture, we pitched the idea of the brochure to be shaped as a 'Tanjak', a traditional formal Malay headgear, which was already an attraction by itself. Instead of using the usual 'brooch' on the headgear itself, we changed it to a die-cut hole, revealing the logo for the project from inside the brochure.
This pitch was unfortunately rejected because the client felt that it would not attract non-Malay investors with it's boldly Malay design.
The logo was also designed by us.
Front and Back of Brochure Design, folded
Front of Brochure Design, folded
Inside of Brochure, opened
Outside of Brochure, opened