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One challenge facing larger campaigns that cover various media, is tackling animation—especially 3D animation. Creating identities that move, adds a layer of complexity that requires a specific skill set. When asked, “Can you animate pills that go back in the bottle?”, the first word that came to mind was “simulations”. Running physics simulations and tweaking settings to make things act realistically, can sometimes be the most time-consuming stage of the project.
The final tag used in the TV spots.
Simulation tests samples.
The flexibility of having assets in 3D, is not just being able to stage, light and render from any angle—but having a resolution independent pipeline that allows scalability across media. A great example is the below printed media, where the layout designer was able to supervise the rotation of the bottle in a matter of seconds, instead of reshooting in a traditional studio setup.
Site design
Behind the curtain...
Client: Alabama Office of Prosecution
Role: 3D Artist / Animator
Discipline: 3D Illustration / 3D Animation
Layout Artist/Designer: Leigh Farrior
Website development: Shawn Tritz
Art Director: Leigh Farrior
3D Animation | Branding

3D Animation | Branding

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